Investment Programs
The Global Vista strategies are model-driven and generate alpha both from volatility and market direction by selling covered options contracts (no naked) with a typical maturity of 2-5 months. We attempt to predict where the market will NOT go rather than WHERE and WHEN it will go, and rely less on timing the market and direction.

We offer two programs, the relatively more conservative Global Vista Indexes program and the more agressive Global Vista Options diversified program. Both programs offer diversification which is uncorrelated to stock market performance, to the direction of interest rates, and to almost any other asset class.

Global Vista Indexes ("GVI") Program

Global Vista Indexes program has been trading client accounts since January 2014. GVI is a long/short equities index strategy that generates alpha by selling covered options (skewed iron-condors) and extracting THETA (time value) on the S&P 500 index futures with a typical maturity of 3 months.

Global Vista Options ("GVO") Program

Global Vista Options has been trading client accounts since October 2010. The GVO program aims to achieve non-correlated returns by extracting THETA (time value) from futures options positions in a diversified market portfolio.

Access to Performance Information

Both GVI and GVO programs are offered through individually managed accounts. Access to performance and additional information requires registration.

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